Holiday Services

Nov 8, 2022

What to expect during our Holiday Season...

Happy Holidays Lush Family! Just in case you did not know we are currently in our Holiday season, now until January 1st! Our Holiday season brings forth specific services and a change in our service hours. As always, we like to offer our loyal clients and our potential customers the best service we can offer. So, we have included our most popular services during this season. Our most popular services are Lush Self-Service Bar, Build-A-Bar, and our Occasional Drinker. If you are hosting small events or gatherings, we recommend our Self-Service Bar. For larger events or gatherings, we would recommend our Build-A-Bar (all-inclusive) or the Occasional Drinker (bartending only). We do not require any specific amount of time to request your booking, we can accept some same day bookings and yes, we are a traveling bartending company and will bring our services to you. However, if this will be a traveling service or if you would like a more personalized/themed bar service, we highly recommend you request your booking in advance. Our team looks forward to being of service to you during the Holidays for your family, colleagues, and friends!