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Have your bridal party prepared for any shot opportunities with these cool shot glass necklaces. Hot pink with a beaded chain necklace looped through its rim, the 2 oz. Is converted from a typical shot glass into a novelty party accessory! That way, when the party travels, the shot glasses travel with you. Plus, with its bachelorette themed "bride’s drinking team" design it’s the perfect inexpensive small gift for your bridesmaids to enhance your ladies' night out. Straight tequila, whiskey, vodka, or fancy mixed shooters, whatever the signature shot of the party bride, bridesmaids, and the whole bachelorette crew can have a cheap, funny party extra to celebrate the bride’s impending wedding day.


Shot glass: 1.7" (d) x 2.2" (h) Plastic Necklace length: 18" (l) Holds 2oz (59 ml)

Bride’s Drinking Crew- necklace shot glass

SKU: 5188-05
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