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Create simply stunning cocktails with snowy river all natural flavored cocktail salt rimmers. Made from the finest salts and flavors and packed in an attractive gift cocktail rimming tin, snowy river cocktail salt rimmers can turn an everyday event into a true party! Key features of our flavored margarita rimming salts includes:

1) made with all natural ingredients, kosher, gmo free, vegan and gluten free.

2) designed by bartenders for bartenders both home and professional - a cocktail garnish for all occasions.

3) our flavored salts are perfect for rimming cocktails, margaritas, beverages and other drinks.

4) flavored margarita salt is easy to use and looks amazing when paired with snowy river cocktail glitters.

5) cocktail rimming tins make the perfect bar accessory or fun gift for the holidays. 6) large range of flavored cocktail rimming salt colors available and proudly us made.

Flavored Cocktail Salt