There are Bartenders.

Then there's a Catered Bar Service for you.

Your Bar Service is as equally as important as hiring a planner for your wedding.

We both MUST confidently manage your crowd.

"Serving what's deserving, one drink at a time!"

Yes, your bar service is extremely important to you! Just as you'd want great food, your cocktails and service should be the same! Building and creating an inviting and personalized bar is such an exciting and fun experience, that many misses out on. Now, is the perfect time to have that special bar you've always envisioned! Take away the guesswork and relax because there is a catered bar service for you. From crafting and designing cocktails based on your preferences all the way to our service packages has been an enjoyable yet convenient experience for our clients for the past 4 years! Why wait for outstanding service?!

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