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3 Things to Know When Planning an Outside Event

First thing first, we love for our clients to be informed and prepare themselves for all their planned events. We’ve came up with a list of the most important things to consider when having an outside event.

1.) Permits/ Codes/ Ordinance

If you’ve selected a venue, make sure to know what you can and cannot do, especially on city property. There are some that will not allow the serving of alcohol publicly and some that require permits. If permits are needed, please get them!

2.) Vendor Arrangements

Research your vendors (Caterer, DJ, Bartending Company, etc.) to ensure they have the proper & appropriate equipment to handle an outdoor event.

3.) Inclement Weather

We can’t plan the weather. If I could, we’d have 75-degree weather, with a nice breeze and light rain on Sundays. 😊But since we can’t, it’s important to watch the weather for any changes AND ALWAYS have a plan B! #lushcateredbar #lushcocktails #happyhourspecial

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