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Should You Bottle and Freeze Your Cocktails?

Pre-Batching and Freezing Entire Cocktails is popping up in bars from London to New York.

Pre-Batched and Frozen cocktails are extremely convenient for when you want to do-away with your shaker and jigger for the evening! When entertaining your guests at home this enables you to pour and go all while enjoying your guests. Don't forget to add your fresh ingredients!

Become a Super Host at Your Next At-Home Celebration! Check out our At-Home Hosting Like a Pro Tips:

Tip #1 - Plan Ahead

Have a playlist make it fun! Plan for the bites, dinner, dessert, cocktails and post-dinner fun!

Tip #2 - Think About the Little Details

What type of party you're having? Will this be something intimate and calm that require lit candles? Is it a Birthday celebration that will require balloons and disco lighting? Maybe a bridal shower that requires elegant décor, specialty glassware and flowers? Whatever your celebration, spend time in thinking about the little details because it's always the little things that make a big difference!

"Each day is a celebration in life." – Anthony T. Hincks

Tip #3 - Know Your Guests

Music is essential! Play their likes and get them out of their comfort zone!

Tip #4 - Add Special Touches to Food and Drinks

We all love to capture beautiful décor, an amazing layout or a great setup. Make your guests feel special and be extremely creative!

Tip #5 - Enjoy the Party for Yourself

Enjoy yourself, entertain your guests and have as much fun as possible! After all, your guests are there to enjoy you as well so don't work hard!!


Consider hiring a local bartender to craft amazing custom cocktails, a DJ to keep the crowd going, or a caterer to prepare your favorite light bites and appetizers. We have some amazing recommendations!

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